Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Company Announcement

Here at Commercial Power Sweep,Inc., we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

We all have been and will continue to be impacted in someway or another. Even with the new statewide mandated “shelter in place” provisions, we are continuing to operate in both the private and public sectors as needed and as required as an “essential service” keeping your roadways, parking lots and city streets clean.

You can count on Commercial Power Sweep,Inc. to continue to do it’s best in serving you. Our top priority is both the safety of our customers as well as our employees. We have increased the quantity of PPE’s (personal protective equipment) for each of our employees and will continue to do so during this “Pandemic”. We will continue our dedication to serving our customers and communities the best we can.

We will continue to offer our Parking Lot Sweeping and Street Sweeping services (at commercial sites, retail and shopping centers, within homeowners association‘s as well as other residential neighborhoods, city streets and highways) to help fight, suppress and mitigate the impact and spread of this virus.

Please feel free to contact us 24/7 at (707)255-1769

For more information, please visit