Street & Parking Lot Sweeping in Napa, CA

For our green customers in Napa, California, power sweeping is a proven practice to protect the environment against unwanted pollutants. From periodic vehicle inspections, to various sweep services, Commercial Power Sweep strives to maintain a healthy environment that is not only cleaner, but a safer place to live overall.

When using a power sweeping company, this reduces the amount of trash and debris build up which reduces contaminates. With the ability to regularly schedule parking lot, construction and municipal sweeping, the environment will be a much greener place with Commercial Power Sweep.

Our Services Include

Municipal Street Sweeping

Municipal Street Sweeping Services

Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Emergency Sweeping

Emergency Sweeping Services

Pre-Sweep and Post-Sweep

Pre-Sweep and Post-Sweep Services

Grinding and Milling Sweeping

Grinding and Milling Sweeping Services

Day Portering Services

Day Portering Services

Drain and Catch Basin Cleaning

Drain and Catch Basin Cleaning Services

Sweeper Rental and Leasing

Sweeper Rental and Leasing Services

Service Areas

Sweeping Areas for Commercial Power Sweep, Inc.