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One of the many things that has been modeled to Ken Lindsey by his parents from an early age is to “be thankful”, help others, get involved and to “give back”. These are definitely sentiments that are echoed by Ken and Commercial Power Sweep, Inc.

As an adult, Ken Lindsey first began his philanthropic passions back in 1997 by joining the Active 20-30 Club of Napa. After many years of community involvement and providing philanthropy for underprivileged children in the Napa Valley through the club, he is now a Past President and Past Active Life Member of the Active 20-30 Club of Napa.

Ken Lindsey Community Involvement in Zimbabwe, Africa

The passion of “giving back” continues with Ken. In 2011, Ken went on his first mission trip to Zimbabwe, Africa. The trip was with 8 others from the Hillside Christian Center and organized through Global Passions. The “team” helped in supplying clothing, school supplies and other incidentals to several orphanages throughout the area. Ken is now a regular financial supporter of Jabulani, an orphanage in Harare, Africa run by Alan and Dorothy Graham. The Graham “family” and Jabulani have become very dear to his heart. For more info, see the following links:

Ken Lindsey of CPS

Ken was also part of a steering committee with several other individuals and business owners that are helping to raise monies and awareness locally, nationally and internationally on the issues of saving young women and children from “Slavery and Human Trafficking” in the Sex Trafficking Industry. In September of 2013, the team and fundraising dinner event that they were a part of helped to raise approximately $40,000.00 that went to sponsoring several “rescued” young women with schooling and housing in India. Their fundraising and awareness efforts continue today as their team is partnering with more locally focused programs that are continuing the fight against the Sex Trafficking Industry.

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Ken Lindsey Community Involvement in Serbia and Turkey

In September of 2013, Ken Lindsey also visited Serbia and Turkey again sharing his passion to help others. In a small town outside of Novi Sad, Serbia, he and his team visited a women’s and men’s rehabilitation center for people fighting drug addictions. The residents were part of Raskrsce – “Teen Challenge” program founded by Sasha and Svetlana Ivanovic . Ken and six others were part of a team that helped provide labor in re-furbishing three rooms with much needed paint and new tile floors as well as additional “landscaping” help in the backyard of the same facility. Many other opportunities presented themselves in and throughout Turkey in the following days.

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Recently, Commercial Power Sweep, Inc. sponsored and participated in two different Golf Tournaments.

Ken Lindsey CPS Sponsored Golf Tournament

The first Golf Tournament was for to raise money for the Hillside Christian Center “REMAIN” students. The money raised during this event helped to fund the travel expenses and supplies for a “missions” trip to Jamaica in July of 2014. The REMAIN students visited orphanages in Kingston, Jamaica providing ministry, help and love to many less fortunate orphan kids.

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Ken Lindsey CPS Sponsored Golf Tournament

In May of 2014, Commercial Power Sweep, Inc. also sponsored a “Speed the Light” Golf Tournament in Sacramento, California. The monies raised during this event will help to fund the purchase of vehicles and equipment for AG Missionaries throughout the world. Speed the Light (STL) is the student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides much-needed equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world. Since its beginning, STL has raised over $253 million for missionary equipment around the world. For more information on STL, click here:

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