About Commercial Power Sweep, Inc

Ken Lindsey of CPS

Commercial Power Sweep, Inc.(CPSI) is a second generation Sweeping Service Company owned by Ken Lindsey.

First founded in 1965,
Commercial Power Sweep, Inc. has served Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area
for over 50 years!

CPS Parking Lot Sweeper Truck

The business first provided parking lot sweeping services in multiple cities and later expanded into the “Contruction Sweeping Sector” over 25 years ago.

We pride ourselves on Service with Integrity and continue to provide great service with quality and dependability.

  • Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a variety of sweeping services at a level one should desire and expect as a paying customer. We pride ourselves on “Service with Integrity”. Our employees want to come to work; they are empowered and want to do their job well. Our customers, quality of service and reputation are very important to us as a company. We strive to keep our customers happy and appreciate the communities that we live in and work in. Our Mission is for you to know that you will be taken care of when calling Commercial Power Sweep, Inc.

  • Our Motto

For almost 50 years, Commercial Power Sweep has prided itself on providing “Service with Integrity”. Having integrity means doing what is right even when no one is looking. It means following through, doing the job you agreed to and taking responsibility when a mistake is made.

At Commercial Power Sweep, we have built our reputation on quality of service with a foundation of integrity. We believe in what we do and stand behind it every day.