Pavement Grinding & Milling Sweeping - Bay Area

Commercial Power Sweep has specialized in Pavement Grinding and Milling clean-up for over 25 years. Our drivers are experienced with the confidence to handle all levels of grinding and milling operations.

CPSI has both the employees and the equipment needed for sweeping all types of milling operations. Recognized as one of the most important pieces of machinery in your milling and paving operation, our sweepers are durable and our drivers are equipped to fulfill your sweeping needs. CPSI is also recognized as one of the top sweeping contractors throughout Northern California and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and has worked with most major contractors.

Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer looking for a competent sweeping contractor with reliable equipment and operators, rest assured that we can satisfy that need.

Please give us a call at 707.255.1769