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Why Sweep?

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Most business owners regard parking lot and street sweeping as only a litter removal service driven by aesthetics; what they may not understand is that power sweeping is a proven best practice for defending the environment against multiple kinds of detrimental pollutants.

Watch Why We Sweep

Commercial Power Sweep, Inc. offers parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, construction sweeping, catch basin, and many other services!

NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company (CSC)

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To become a CSC, sweeping professionals undergo an application process that qualifies them under strict guidelines including: safety, experience, continuing education, vehicle maintenance, driver training and adherence to NAPSA’s code of ethics.

The NAPSA Code of Ethics requires sweeping professionals to take an oath to be dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence while recognizing their responsibility to their customers, employees, and the public.

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